From time to time, a user may experience an order error on the screen which looks like the first image below. Most often, this is because there is a miscommunication with PayPal and the shopping cart to return to the checkout/order received page. Should you receive this notice, please log on to YOUR PayPal account to verify the charge. If you do not see a charge, please contact us regarding your order.  To date, we have seen all payments completely process on the vendor side via PayPal despite the failure to return to the checkout/order received page. You will receive from us a confirmation notice when we have processed your shipping label.

UPDATE: The order error occurs with both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Once an order is complete, these browsers fail to display the order confirmation. Please copy and paste the URL displayed on the page stating, “This site can’t be reach” (Chrome) or “Hmmm … Can’t reach this page” (Microsoft Edge) and put the URL into Firefox. Your order confirmation should display.  We apologize for this error and have yet to come up with a workaround. This seems to be a known error that is unresolved.

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